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Geoff Barker's Rock'n'Roll Party

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Improvements continue  for the 2019 Round-Up

Last years improvements were all well received, thanks for all the positive feedback.

So we will continue to tweak things where we can to provide you all an even better weekend of top rockin entertainment. 

1) The additional 'Pamper Room' cabinwent down well (with the guys as much as the girls) so this will be a permanent fixture alongside the toilets and showers. With power points and lighting, you just have to  bring along your mirrors and hairdryers.

2) The Sunday morning table-top sale was well attended with more stalls and more punters, and was very lively with popular local boys 'Dry White Bones'  playing their brand of black fingered, rusty-throated industrial blues. They will be back from 11-30am.

So bring along your bric-a-brac, set up a table in the barn and get selling, while everyone else browses your wares and enjoys a pint !! 

3) The wooden parquet dance floor was also a huge success, so for 2019 it will be even bigger, as we have the space to extend it, for even more of you dancers to enjoy.    

Darrel Higham & John Lewis back in the barn

The Rockin Round-Up once again welcomes back Darrel Higham and buddy John Lewis as we have Johnny Bach & The Moonshine Boozers headlining on Friday night.

Separately these guys can rock any stage, but together they blow the roof off!! 


Geoff Barker's Rock'n'Roll Party 'LIVE' at the Round-Up??

We were all as miffed as the next man when the BBC decided to move Geoff's very popular Saturday evening slot to a Sunday night. But we are hoping that after the success of the previous two years 'live' BBC broadcasts, GEOFF BARKER will once again air his radio show from the Saloon Barn at Rockin Round-Up #3 !!   

The ROCK'N'ROLL PARTY is one of the most popular programs across the BBC West and Southwest network. It's  also a permanent fixture in the list of most 'on-demand' BBC programmes in the country, via the BBC iPlayer.
Geoff has previously started his show from the main stage and brought on the band, then continued the show as normal with cut-overs to the 'live' music with a few interviews with the Round-Up folk via his roving microphone. We hope it works out for us all and we get Geoff, back at THE ROCKIN ROUND-UP !! 

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