COVID-19 Impact on UK Events

The Round-Up team have been monitoring the current UK situation very closely and are very aware that a lot of gigs concerts and events have been cancelled throughout the coming months. The government has issued advice, via its GOV.UK website, for those arranging or planning events, which states; “In line with the social distancing guidance it is advised that large gatherings should not take place. While the risks of transmitting the disease at mass gatherings are relatively low, these steps will also allow emergency services that would have been deployed for these events to be prioritised in alleviating pressure on public services”.
Currently  ‘large events’ are accepted to be an audience of over 500 people. The Round-Up numbers are not in excess of that figure and we still have a two month window in which to act on any change in national circumstance.
So after much consideration, and deliberation with the venue, we have decided to ‘ride the storm’ and continue with the event if permitted.
On a positive, as most of you are aware, the Round-Up is held in open fields, with the music in the large ‘open’ barn, and due to the animals the site has more hand sanitizing stations than a hospital !! We have our own paramedic and several medical staff and therefore do not impact on any resource.

We can assure everyone that we will act responsibly and follow all mandated government guidelines to ensure we do not put anyone at risk. We will provide regular updates if anything changes.  

 Geoff Barker's Rock'n'Roll Party at Round-Up #4

We are pleased to say that after the success of Round-Up #3 BBC recording, GEOFF BARKER will be back to record his radio show from the Saloon Barn at Round-Up #4.

Geoff and his engineer did a fantastic job capturing the sights and sounds of the event and the 2hour special he prepared for broadcast a few weeks later was excellent.

Thanks Geoff, your hotel room is already booked! 

We will continue the table-top sale in the barn, for 2020, so bring along your bric-a-brac, set up a table for 10-30am and get selling. There will as usual be some foot tapping live music, from 11-30am onwards, to finish off your weekend 

Band Change for this Year

For the first time at the Round-Up we are unfortunately having to change one of the advertised bands. Due to personal circumstances The De-Ville Rebels have had to cancel all gigs for the foreseeable future so will not be performing at The Round-Up.

But we do have a very capable replacement act for you, Memphis Lee & The Creepers.

A six piece band, from South Wales, which features some familiar faces! they have a real solid rockin sound which will guarantee that we have a fantastic start to this years event!!

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Listen to

Geoff Barker's Rock'n'Roll Party

on BBC Radio  HERE >