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stalls & merchandise

WHat can you buy ?


Flamin Star Clothing

Most rockin people will have seen Flamin Star trading at all the major weekenders. Established in 2011, Beth sells her own bespoke range of well priced  quality ladies and gents fifties inspired clothing and accessories. 

email: flaminstarclothing@live.co.uk

website: www.flaminstarclothing.com


Everyone should be familiar with Dave's 'Daredevil' stall at weekenders, often alongside his wife's Geronimo Clothing stall. Daredevil produce their own bespoke range of rockabilly, hotrod and biker themed guys'n'girls t-shirts and accessories. 
email: info@daredevilstore.com
website: www.daredevilstore.com


I was amazed when I first saw this stall, the eye catching fabulous hand made lamp shades are inspired by original 1940s and 1950s patterns and colours and look incredible. All made here in the UK by owner and all round good-guy Mark Welland. 

email: info@retrashade.co.uk

website: www.retrashade.co.uk

Spindrift Records 

Steve Chapman has been a regular face on the rockin scene ever since most of us can remember. Spindrift stocks a massive range of music from the rockabilly, rock'n'roll, neo and psycho genres selling CDs, LPs, singles and original pressings.

email: contact@spindriftrecords.com

website: www.spindriftrecords.com

The Western Star Recording Company

Alan Wilson (co-founder of the Round-Up) formed Western Star in 1999, as an independent record label and recording studio. He has produced and released some of the finest new Rockabilly and Psychobilly to be found anywhere, and will be selling his unique Western Star branded merchandise, t-shirts and CD's.  

website: www.western-star.co.uk

The Rockin Round-Up

There will some limited edition Round-Up t-shirts and merchandise sold at the event so check out the stall for something cool to remember your weekend by.

We sold out of t-shirts really quick last year so make sure you get yours early !!